E-commerce contract logistics


It’s hard to imagine life without shopping for clothes, books, electro articles and more on the Internet. Thanks to our varied services and start-of-the-art IT we can help you use and expand virtual marketplaces, all the while impressing your customers with good service, availability, and dependable delivery service.

Our contract logistics services for online dealers in detail:

  • Returns management
  • Control weighing
  • IT security
  • Quality inspections
  • Disposal
  • Provision of packaging and padding materials
  • Management of small parcel service
  • Warehouse with access controls and video surveillance
  • Small parts, bench stock, and replenishment storage
  • Scanner supported system
  • Barcode labeling
  • Random storage
  • Batch/shelf life management
  • Variant control
  • Partial delivery
  • Interface capability
  • ERP interface to controls
  • Proactive track & trace information
  • Cash management
  • Connection to call centre with service level agreements

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