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CargoLine offers standardised and systemised groupage transports as well as distribution, procurement and contract logistics in Germany and across Europe. In-depth seafreight expertise compliments these services. CargoLine was founded in 1993. Today, more than 80 partners in Germany and further 43 countries across Europe, from Scandinavia and the CIS to the Maghreb and from Portugal to the Near and Midle East, jointly offer their know-how to solve logistical challenges. In addition to its high quality standards, comprehensive services and extensive partner network throughout Europe, the network is chracterised in particular by modern IT systems, innovative strength and customer proximity.

Uniform quality and environmental guidelines across partners

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Of these more than 80 partners, 55 are based in Germany, all of them renowned, efficient transport and logistics companies in their own right that have a long company history each and an established cusomer base. So CargoLine has regional roots, a mid-sized company ethos and a European outlook. This combination of a nationwide network and strong regional roots is one of CargoLine’s strengths. Another advantage is its shared outlook on quality: They all work in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 including the HACCP concept and contract logistics as well as DIN EN ISO 14001 and 14064, thus sharing the same quality and environmental guidelines. CargoLine, however, did not only have its general cargo freight certified, i.e. transport from A to B, but also all its specific general cargo freight traffics with guaranteed delivery times such as NightLinePlus and NightLine NextDay. That way CargoLine can guarantee the highest reliability and punctuality at all times. The cooperation even had its CO2 footprint certified acc. to DIN EN 16258. This product’s carbon footprint provides the necessary data to calculate the emissions for each shipment. Internal and external audits that take place several times a year make sure the sites always match those guidelines.

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Logistics made to measure

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CargoLine is also a strong partner in the area of contract logistics. The network partners offer tailor-made logistics and logistics-related services on 1.6 million sqm of warehouse area and 1.6 million pallet spaces in Germany alone. CargoLine offers special expertise in the following sectors: automotive, chemical/hazardous materials, e-commerce, consumer durables and consumer goods, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, engineering and electrotechnology, food, aerospace technology and paper. As part of their contract logistics activities, the CargoLine partners offer supply chain management, warehousing, picking, packing, on-time outbound goods processes, C-parts logistics and much more. In combination with their own Europe-wide groupage network, the CargoLine partners are able to offer transport and contract logistics from a single source, thus fulfilling the one-stop shopping demanded by many shippers. Mind you, it is only a few contract logistics providers that have their own network and can offer this much!

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Central Key Account Management

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Customers having complex requirements, several sites, and/or big volumes benefit from CargoLine’s centralized Key Account Management. Working closely with IT experts and CargoLine partners, the Key Account Manager develops significant advantages that help solve customer-specific problems, both on a national as well as on an international level.

Digitization, Digitalization, IT, AI & Co.

Modern information technology makes an important contribution to quality and customer satisfaction at CargoLine. The basis for this is the modular IT architecture of the cooperation. Since its introduction in 2017, the association has expanded the package-based shipment tracking system Cepra into a veritable customer center. In it, shippers will find all the data and documents relevant to the shipment; they can also use it as a platform for communication with the CargoLiner who looks after them. The modular IT architecture also offers a constant further development of the service offer, for example, the arrival time forecast ETA, Estimated Time of Arrival. It predicts the delivery time of a shipment very precisely based on continuously updated data.

The industry is currently changing faster than ever, and technology-based services and the use of artificial intelligence are becoming increasingly important. CargoLine wants to play a decisive role in shaping this development. Consequently, she developed her own digital forwarding company and launched it in 2019, Cargoboard. It is primarily aimed at low-volume shippers and companies with little or no logistics expertise who want to book their shipments with just a few clicks of the mouse. Cargo Digital World (CDW) was founded in January 2021. The cooperation bundles all of its start-up activities in it. In addition, CDW is to identify, develop, bring to market and scale further promising platform-based business models.

CargoTime magazine

Further information about the general cargo network can be found on Or subscribe to the cooperation’s customer magazine, CargoTime. Industry insights, reports on the cooperation between CargoLine partners and their customers, news from the partner companies, and much more await you on 24 pages.

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