Delivery within 24 hours across Europe

Groupage shipments across Europe

Hei! Aslemma! Olá! Сайн уу?*

From Norway to the Maghreb, from Portugal to Mongolia: around 80 well-known CargoLine partners at home and abroad form a stable, comprehensive network and ensure that your shipments arrive quickly and safely in every corner of Europe. The basis for this are binding standard delivery times that we have defined together with our partners for almost the whole of Europe.

In addition, our premium products NightLineEurope Priority, Fix, NextDay, and Receipt offer valuable additional services that, for example, make the supply chain easier to plan and simplify a shipper’s receivables management.

Online retailers make it easier for end consumers or, for example, craftsmen on a construction site, to plan their daily routine by booking B2CLine Europe – shipment notification by SMS and/or e-mail in selected European countries.

With the help of our Track & Trace tool Cepra, you can call up the current status of your shipments yourself around the clock via the Internet, or you can conveniently be informed about it by e-mail.

*“Hallo“ in Norwegian, Arab, Portuguese and Mongolian

Our service offerings across Europe:

NightLineEurope NextDay

Whenever a shipment is needed in as little time as possible

NightLineEurope Fix

European-wide delivery on the precisely specified day

B2CLine Europe

Shipment notification in selected European countries

NightLineEurope Receipt

European-wide delivery note service

NightLineEurope Priority

Preferred delivery across Europe

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