The roots of S-Group® with Schäfer&SIS Interlogistik® can be traced back to the transportation company Leopold Schäfer, which was founded in 1939. In 1991, after the relocation of the intercontinental operating SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH to the Neunkirchen location, additional foreign subsidiaries were established, primarily for automotive and paper logistics in Eastern Europe. S-Group® is embedded in globally operating alliances and joint ventures, offering all facets of the freight forwarding and logistics industry.

As a competent partner for global transport and logistics solutions, we have been synonymous with reliability and competence in the freight forwarding industry since 1939. As a medium-sized company, we take pride in maintaining customer relationships for almost a century and nurturing our intercontinental connections for half a century. Today, our network comprises 400 employees, providing comprehensive expertise in transport, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution for sales and procurement markets. Read on to learn more about our services and commitment to sustainability.

In the 1990s, we founded additional companies both domestically and internationally and established holding companies. This gave rise to the brand Schäfer&SIS Interlogistik® as well as the international brand S-Group®, which is now represented by 400 employees under the slogan “Personal Logistics – Bringing People Together” and generates an annual total revenue of approximately 130 million euros.

Our Corporate Group

Focuses on interregional, international and intercontinental transportation. We maintain long-standing customer relationships dating back to nearly a century and continue to work closely with our customers. As a medium-sized company, we offer a wide range of transport modes and means, which can also be combined to create multimodal transport solutions.

The network of the European cargo alliance, CargoLine, ensures the storage and distribution of all goods entering or leaving Europe, extending to the countries of the Middle East and Central Asia. Our own fleet of trucks is complemented by contractual arrangements with additional trucking companies, allowing us to provide comprehensive services. Managing our own warehouse logistics with a covered storage area of approximately 24,000 square meters and extensive order picking activities, we possess extensive expertise and experience in this field, which have been continuously growing since 1939.

Systematically Strong: The S-Group® – Specialists for Demanding Solutions

Schäfer&SIS Interlogistik is part of the globally operating S-Group®. Under the umbrella of the S-Group®, logistics experts from various specialized member companies collaborate to create comprehensive logistics solutions, incorporating transportation modes such as trucks, trains, inland vessels, coastal motor and sea vessels, as well as airplanes. Whether it’s land, system, direct, intercontinental, or specialized transports, be it sea or air freight, the S-Group® offers worldwide transportation and logistics solutions.

Our network

Over the years, we have evolved and grown into a formidable force in the logistics industry. Our journey has been marked by continuous progress and a commitment to excellence, making us a reliable partner for our customers’ transportation and logistics needs.

From our humble beginnings as the Leopold Schäfer GmbH in 1939 to our transformation into Schäfer&SIS Interlogistik, and finally becoming an integral part of the global S-Group®, our development has been characterized by strategic expansion and adaptation to meet the demands of the ever-changing logistics landscape.

Since the year 2000, we have actively joined and embraced global logistics alliances, a step that has significantly enriched our capabilities and knowledge. Through these alliances, we have gained access to a vast network of logistics experts worldwide, enabling us to offer comprehensive solutions for our customers in transport, freight forwarding, warehousing, and distribution across international borders.

Our early involvement as a shareholder in the European cargo logistics alliance, CargoLine, further solidified our position in the market and fostered collaboration with like-minded industry players.

Today, we proudly stand as a member of leading logistics alliances such as CTN, FNC, PPL, and ALNA Airfreight Logistic Network for Africa. These affiliations enable us to extend our reach and provide our clients with seamless connections to markets around the globe.

As we continue to adapt to the dynamic logistics landscape, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Our journey of development is a testament to our dedication to delivering top-notch services, fostering lasting relationships, and staying at the forefront of the logistics industry. With a strong foundation and a global outlook, we are ready to face the challenges and opportunities that the future holds, providing innovative and tailored solutions for our valued customers.

Our history

Landverkehre und Lagerlogistik

1939 – Foundation Leopold Schäfer GmbH

Leopold Schäfer was a pioneer in the transportation business and established his freight forwarding company in 1939 in Neunkirchen, Siegerland. Initially specialized in transporting products to the railway station using ox-drawn carts, the company underwent modernization and expansion over the years. In the 1960s, the company developed special tilt-loading units to meet the growing demand of the container and flooring industry in Siegerland.

In 1990, Leopold Schäfer GmbH was acquired by SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH, becoming part of a larger logistics enterprise. Today, Leopold Schäfer GmbH is a successful logistics service provider based in Neunkirchen, offering tailored transportation solutions to businesses across various industries.

1987 – Foundation SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH

SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH was founded in 1987 by four freight forwarding specialists who originated from a logistics conglomerate. The company’s headquarters is located in Siegen and specializes in transporting goods via ships, roads, inland waterways, railways, and air. It has also developed expertise in handling complex transports to the Middle East and tackling the challenges of paper logistics.

In 1991, SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH moved to Neunkirchen in Siegerland and merged with Leopold Schäfer GmbH to become a one-stop-shopping logistics service provider. The company experienced rapid expansion, establishing branches in Kaliningrad, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Berlin, Hanover, Shanghai, Moscow, and Bratislava.

See-/Luft-/Bahntransporte weltweit

1990/1991 – Creation of the Brands Schäfer&SIS Interlogistik® and

In 1991, SIS Internationale Speditions-GmbH merged with Leopold Schäfer GmbH in Neunkirchen, giving rise to a new entity that became a one-stop-shop logistics service provider in Siegerland. Just four years later, we established our first foreign branch in Kaliningrad, along with additional representations in Czech Republic and Poland. Over the following years, we expanded our presence to include branches in Estonia (Tallinn), Berlin, Hanover, Shanghai, Moscow, and Bratislava (Slovakia), while also joining the Cargoline, ECON Alliance, and GAP networks.

Thanks to our collaboration with national and international partners like CTN and our own branch offices, we now possess a global and seamless network that allows us to solve your challenges at any location worldwide. Our team of over 400 employees is always ready to professionally meet your requirements, and we can also tap into selected experts when needed.

For us, interpersonal exchange is at the center. As a personal point of contact, we accompany you throughout the entire logistics process.
You can reach our main branch at:
Lotzenarbachstr. 1, D-57290 Neunkirchen
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